MONTY ADKINS | Rift Patterns
Rift Patterns
 Cat: AB051
 Time: April 2014
 Media: Digital Download + Enhanced iBook version

 Info: Rift Patterns is about the psychogeographical 
 exploration of places and how they impact on our 
 identity and feelings. Psychogeography has historically 
 been associated with the exploration of our cities and 
 the 'drift', and has been described by Joseph Hart as 
 "a whole toy box full of playful, inventive strategies for 
 exploring cities... just about anything that takes 
 pedestrians off their predictable paths and jolts them 
 into a new awareness of the urban landscape". 

 The enhanced iBook version can be purchased direct 
 from  Audiobulb and is included in the 16Bit and 24Bit
 wav versions of the album.      

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Enhanced 16Bit WAV + iBook version
  boomkat bleep beatport
 Enhanced 24Bit WAV + iBook version
AMBIENT | Software Module
 Software Designer: Christopher Hipgrave
 Graphic Artist: Mike Podolak
 Format: Standalone Software
 Platform: PC & MAC

 Price: £10 
 Press Release: Download

 A unique ambient soundscape generator. AMBIENT is
 capable of producing a vast array of ambient textures, 
 from the bizarre to the beautiful. AMBIENT processes 
 any sound you care to load into it. The possibilities are 

 All tracks here were made with AMBIENT.
 Multi-effect standalone software module featuring:
+ Granular sampler with random pitch function
+ Amplitude envelope with a trigger speed control
+ Three pitch shift controls for adding extra layers
+ Tape delay
+ Multi-mode filter
+ Ambient reverb To listen to audio examples: Visit Release Page KVR - FAQ: KVR Thread / FAQ
Windows version
Mac version
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AUTISTICI | Attaching Softness
Attaching Softness
 Cat: AB050
 Time: January 2014
 Media: Digital Download

 Info: Attaching Softness is a collection of detailed 
 microsound pieces including collaborative works with 
 Calika and Henry Duclos. It includes the original full-length 
 version of Attaching Softness to a Shell. This track 
 amplifies and recontextualises the musicality of natural 
 sounds, setting them in an environment musical and 
 rhythmic flows. At times the track is pure recordings
 (incorporating the work of Professor Andrea Polli who 
 extrapolated data regarding hurricanes and used this to
 generate sound).  

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High quality WAV download pack £8
juno eMusic beatport
 Cat: AB049
 Time: September 2013
 Media: Digital Download

 Info: Uniform is a "remix album" and a follow up to my 
 debut album Form. Form was about the deconstruction of 
 sound while Uniform is about the reconstruction of it. 
 The songs were put together mostly by constructing field 
 recordings, randomly recorded piano parts, and so on to 
 create source material and then combined afterword to 
 create songs.   

 Visit the release page
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