Audiobulb Records is an exploratory music label designed to promote creativity in all its forms.

Audiobulb releases artist works on CD & download formats as well as multimedia works, VST (virtual instruments), audio hardware and other creative tools.

Our aim is to facilitate the development of new artists working within a realm of care, quality and craft.

Works supported by Audiobulb often explore the interface between the electronic and natural world.

We embrace the complexity of unique electronics, intricate acoustics and detailed microsound.


Demo Policy

If you believe your sound is both exceptional & true to the Audiobulb ethos then please follow our demo process as follows:

1. Listen to some audiobulb music to confirm your sound is compatible with this label.
2. Upload to your webspace one track that best represents your sound.
3. Contact us via email including a link to your track & website.
4. We will listen to the track and if we feel it has potential we will invite you to send us a full demo.
5. Please include a track listing & full info about your music and website with your demo.
6. We will consider your music and contact you via e-mail to give you feedback.

This demo process is designed to save you postage costs and save us time.

Press Info

Audiobulb is a home for exploratory music. Music that is beautiful, compelling made with care and skill. The label works with artists from around the world who are authentically exploring who they are by presenting a narrative of their life experience through sound. Works supported by Audiobulb often explore the interface between the electronic and natural world. We embrace the complexity of unique electronics, intricate acoustics and detailed microsound. Our music features on top Spotify and Apple playlists and is streamed over 100k per month.

The name Audiobulb comes from a sense of sound as light, light as sound. The experience of synesthesia. It’s a good name, people seem to remember it. I have always had a sense that I can in some way “see sounds” there is an element of synesthetes the phenomena where there is a crossover between the senses. Audiobulb as a name works for me as it conveys sound as light – hopefully leading to an illumination within the listener’s mind.

As well as music Audiobulb releases multimedia works, focussed projects, VST (virtual instruments), audio hardware and other creative tools. An outline of these other creative avenues are detailed below:

Endless Endless (v7)
It is an evolving never-ending ambient track. Artists submit 120 second pieces and they are added to the start or the end of the track. Over time it grows and develops. We are currently on version 7 and it includes contributions of over 70 artists – running for 2 hours & 6 mins.

Root of Sine
There are five Root of Sine Volumes – each one a whole album made from the starting point of a single one second sinewave. A sine wave is waveform of a single constant frequency and amplitude that continues for all time. Since a sine wave has only a single frequency associated with it, it may be considered the simplest sound. The sine wave is the embodiment of audio-purity and strength as it presents an unchanging tonal quality.

In sound design we seek to change a sound wave and enable new harmonics, frequencies, oscillations and waveforms to come into play. In electronic music there are many tools (hardware and software) that can used to change the sine wave. From simply rerecording it via an old tape recorder and introducing some simple distortion to sending it through a myriad of effect processors or synthesis modules.

VST plugins
Exploratory music requires you to have the tools to make news sounds in new ways. I have been lucky to work closely with programmers who have engineered ingenious Virtual Studio Tools (VST) and software modules. SOPHIE by Xik for example is a crazy synth that produces shuddering dark sounds.

Our most recent software module is called Ambient (v4) and has been designed by the talented Christopher Hipgrave, who is an electronic musician in his own right. Ambient (v4) has proven to be very popular with sound designers receiving unanimous praise for its ability to manipulate sound by breaking it into microscopic grains of audio.

Lastly there is Lissajous, a real-time audio reactive graphics application (available for MaxForLive) and inspired by the work of Jules Antoine Lissajous. The software shows sound oscillations as XY matrix functions and creates complex graphics curves. Lissajous graphically describes sound and allow observation of constantly varying signal voltage of two audio signals as function of time. Video generated by sound can be controlled in endless ways by giving to the user the possibility of a whole-new range of interactions.

Location: Sheffield

Started: August 2003

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David Newman

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Daimon Beail

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