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Audiobulb curates a number of open access projects. We would like to thank all artists who have shared creations on this page.

Endless Endless


Endless Endless provides an ever expanding organic arrangement space. Artists are invited to send 120 second tracks of ambient audio to Audiobulb. Tracks are mixed alternatively into the start or the end of the piece in a manner that expands Endless Endless. The 7th version of the project now runs for over two hours.

Root of Sine

A sine wave is waveform of a single constant frequency and amplitude that continues for all time. Since a sine wave has only a single frequency associated with it, it may be considered the simplest sound. The sine wave is the embodiment of audio-purity and strength as it presents an unchanging tonal quality. An in-depth discussion on theoretical aspects of the sine wave can be found in the "Handbook for Acoustic Ecology" edited by Barry Truax (1999).

To expand the sonic palate the sine wave has to be distorted, manipulated and de-composed. In sound design we seek to change a sound wave and enable new harmonics, frequencies, oscillations and waveforms to come into play. In electronic music there are many tools (hardware and software) that can used to change the sine wave. From simply rerecording it via an old tape recorder and introducing some simple distortion to sending it through a myriad of effect processors or synthesis modules. For the purpose of creating electronic music there are a number of software applications that can be used to process the sine wave tone.

Over the last decade many artists have contributed their tracks derived entirely from sounds originating from the sine wave tone. Some of our artists have contributed tracks that have followed this idea through. We will also be happy to feature your work on this page. The only rule is that you start with the 440 Hz sine wave tone and develop the piece from there. Now go and work that sine wave.

Root of Sine - Vol 1


Root of Sine - Vol 2


Root of Sine - Vol 3


Root of Sine - Vol 4


Root of Sine - Microsound Edition