Russ Young

Russ Young (b.1988, Lincoln UK) is a UK based producer. His work is an exploration of sound design and electro acoustic composition. Drawn towards detailed textures, drones and simple melodies, Russ Young’s music is a dynamic collage of assembled audio.

Pala (EP)

I made this short collection of microsound collages in the early hours of the morning before work. They began to take on a restful dream-like quality which I enhanced by imagining nocturnal scenes, cave systems, caverns, islands, and night skies. The title of the EP makes a tentative reference to Aldous Huxley’s Utopian classic ‘The Island’. I hope that the listener, too is transported to imaginary places of their own and feels rested by this music.

• Produced by Russ Young
• Mastered by Taylor Deupree
• Album cover by Hugh Cowling

Cat: AB085

Release date: March 2019


  1. Igloo Magazine

    If you would like to embark on a trek through the stillness of night from the comfort of your mind, wandering planes softly lit by a gentle aurora, Russ Young’s new EP Pala is the perfect pairing. A four-track ambient gem from the independent UK artist released on Audiobulb, the contribution marks his second commercial release and illustrates Young’s intuitive approach to the genre. His method is one of microsound collaging which when assembled produces a harmonious whole greater than the sum of its parts.

    The first track “Polaris” swells subconsciously with atmosphere, a placid subtly expressive berceuse with simple and reverberating piano plucks in the midst of distant air. “Cavern” leads the listener through an opening of pure bass tone gently tunneling downward. In this piece woodwind sounds present themselves and then disintegrate, tucking away while minimal chimes ever so lightly glint atop the deep-rooted drone. What follows is the track really at the center of the Earth. It’s easy to picture walking alongside stalagmites and witnessing small geysers let off subterranean steam when listening to “Pourous.” Finally, “The Blue Air” brings forth emergence from the underground odyssey, a breath of fresh air, daylight, and with it a renewed sense of appreciation and meaning.

    The experience Russ Young’s music captures here is personally settling. It’s akin to viewing the wonders of the world in solitary and being rewarded by the universe revealing itself to you as your companion. His technique and decided moments for the instrumentation he employs here is tasteful, complimented by balanced mastering from notable electronic musician Taylor Deupree. A relaxing and most enjoyable listen.