Descriptor: GRAINSCAPE opens up a multiverse of sound - making infinite variations from single sound. Implant your stems to unlock variations that can be harvested and employed within your track. Reimagine your audio world.

Functionally, GRAINSCAPE is a four channel granular synth and multi-effect with midi controlled random and preset function. Each channel has separate effects per channel. There are 4 effect/channel called reverser, delay, reverb, filter.

Platform: Standalone module & Ableton M4L

OS: Compatible with windows and Mac OS

Tags: IDM, glitch, granular, ambient, experimental, avant-garde, deconstruction

GRAINSCAPE offers a versatile granular sound design and composition tool via:

  • Playheads and Modulation
  • Grains
  • Effects
  • Random and Preset Options
  • Position Midi
  • Create and Record

GRAINSCAPE instructions

You can download the GRAINSCAPE instruction manual HERE.

MAC installer video instructions HERE.

Version: V1.0

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Customer Feedback

  1. You said ...

    I’ve used almost every granular device out there, but this thing looks awesome!


    Purchased and I can confirm it's an amazing creative tool for generating ideas. Wasn't sure if I would have needed it (I already have other Audiobulb software) but it compliments the other apps perfectly. Highly recommended.


    Great tool for sonic mayhem but actually quite controlled when you get your head round it...👍


    Just bought the Mac OS version and it is fire using it in a Ableton live 11. Have all your standalone apps and I find them really unique✌️✌️✌️


    This sounds really cool—and I say that as someone who is exhausted with the ubiquity of granular effects right now. If I hear one more ting-ttttting granularized acoustic guitar string or piano... But this demo sounds more interesting than that, and in many examples not like the stereotypical "granular" sound.



  1. Gear News

    Grainscape is a 4-channel granular synth and audio processor that plants and harvests grains like a granular farm. Grab your wellies and let’s get stuck in.

    It’s one of those strange granular things where sounds are scanned, taken apart, reduced to tiny grains and smeared all over the place. It can generate backwards glitches, forward textures and time travelling moods and messes. It’s about playheads and modulators, effects and randomisation all tied together with too many parameters to cope with.

    It’s super-crazy and there are 4 channels of this stuff to contend with.

    Each channel can play independently with the loaded audio file. You can set playhead positions, direction and movement, introduce randomisation and shape the LFO that directs the travel. In the Granular Block you can get hold of the grain sizes, density, pitch and randomisation. In the Effect Block you can add delay and reverb plus a bit of reversing and EQ.

    All you need is some audio and you’re good to go.

    It looks pretty exciting and can easily become a convincing granular playground for textures and digital weirdness.

    Grainscape is available now for £20 as a standalone or a Max For Live device – and it definitely has that Ableton vibe about it.

    Visit review page > HERE

  2. Synth Anatomy

    Audiobulb Grainscape, a new Max For Live granular synth that scans your audio, split into tiny parts, & creates new glitch timbres, soundscapes & more.

    Max for Live is an environment to build your own instruments and effects, tools for live performance and visuals, and much more. It is comparable to Reaktor 6 from Native Instruments but only very adapted to the Ableton Live cosmos. Especially useful for creating your own Live devices.


    Audiobulb Grainscape

    Grainscape is a four-channel granular synth and multi-effect processor with controllable random and preset function over MIDI. To get the sound out of it, you need an audio file that is looped through the granular engine. For each channel, you can set the playhead positions, direction, and movement. Plus add randomization and shape the LFO that directs the travel functionality.

    Each channel also has a granular part where you can set the grain size, density, pitch, and randomization. Further, each channel has separate effects including a reverser, delay, reverb, and a filtering unit. The developer says it “opens up a multiverse of sounds – making infinite variation from a single sound”.

    Looks very interesting at first look. Especially worthwhile if you want to experiment with sounds and go beyond your classic synths. Perfect for creating glitching textures, big ambient textures, and sonic destruction.

    Audiobulb Grainscape is available now for £20 as a standalone app or runs as a Max For Live device.

    Visit review page > HERE