Dissecting Disastratos | Disastrato
 Cat: AB007 
 Time: May 05
 Media: Digital Download

 Info: Disastrato creates inexplicable audio monsters 
 filled with poignant detail, deconstruction and re-
 composition. His creative process involves audio 
 destruction and a surgical consideration of the fall-out. 
 Pattering beats are created from the debris whilst 
 crying children run past to the sound of toy boxes and 
 acoustic instrumentation. 

 Artist website: http://www.disastrato.com
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REVIEWS | Dissecting Disastratos

 Fittingly titled, Dissecting Disastratos is a compendium of distorted beats, destructed ambience, and restructed dub.

 The first piece, entitled "How to Make Beats (Room's Pot-Pourri) is an engaging mix of early Disastrato tracks. At 
 once melodic and pleasant, the song plays equally to the dark side of easy listening. If anything, it sounds well 
 appropriate for a performance at Toronto's legendary Mutek festival where experimental music takes on new 
 shapes and forms.

 The second piece; "Desirez Rien (After a Rice Kick)" is another dark piece of ambiance and occasional melodies. 
 The music comes and goes in waves of intense samples, sounds and noise, and finishes with the haunting sobs 
 of a woman crying in the rain.

 Together, the two tracks make for a 20 minute EP of dark and dubby introspective soundscapes. Not for the faint 
 of heart but definitely for the discerning listener, this EP is recommended for a chilled winter's night of quiet 
 listening and perhaps a cognac to stoke the fire in your chest.

 Interesting stuff to be sure.

 French electronic artist Desastrato offers one new tune, and gets cut up and sampled by Room on the other 
 half of this two-track assemblage. The cut-up track, "How to Make Beats (Room's Pot-pourri)" plays like it 
 sounds -- it's basically a primer, designed to bring uninitiated listeners up to speed on Disastrato's past beats. 
 At twelve-plus minutes, it drags, especially during its nothing beginning, but the pace picks up when it hits the 
 four-minute mark and more concrete beats enter the fray. It changes tack frequently -- one minute we're listening 
 to a child's sampled crying combined with a tinkling keyboard loop, and the next we're weathering a storm of 
 scattered notes and beats. It's an experience to listen to, but its lack of direction will frustrate anyone who 
 expected Room to assemble the samples rather than lay them out randomly.

 "Desirez Rien (After a Rice Kick" is the real draw -- it's an actual new track from Disastrato himself. It's about 
 half the previous track's length, but has far more intriguing (and coherent) ideas. As it opens, the sounds of 
 heavy industry -- typewriters, chains, bars -- clang violently, then stop abruptly. A haunting passage follows: 
 a choir repeats a depressive melody over the sound of heavy rain. A woman coughs and cries softly in the 
 background, her choked sobs occasionally breaking through into the foreground of this disturbing, occasionally 
 frightening composition. Try spinning it in the car while it's raining to get the full effect.

 Taken together, the two songs provide an interesting look into Disastrato's work. There's not quite enough 
 substance here for Dissecting Disastratos to stand on its own as music, but it would make a perfect soundtrack 
 to a David Lynch short film.

 In so many ways "glitch" (that most fractured of experimental electronic music) is just today's Industrial. Not 
 the industrial dance of Wax Trax and Netwerk Records, but the cut-up, Burroughsian ilk of groups like Hafler 
 Trio and Nurse With Wound. Evidence of this theory can be heard on these MP3's, in which first, Disastrato's 
 recent sonics are unravelled in a 13 minute mix by producer Room, followed by a disturbing six-minute sound 
 collage, which includes rattling metal, falling rain and a girl sobbing while a mournful dirge loops beneath.

 From the recentely established Audiobulb Records comes this EP to download with two tracks, one being a 
 new track by Disastrato and one a remix of that project by Room. Not having heard any music by both before, 
 it's a bit in the dark for me. But it seems that Disastrato uses beats, ambient sounds, found sound and 
 traditional instruments. In the remix that Room did, this unfortunally leads to nothing. It's called 'How To Make 
 Beats (Room's pot-pourri)', and that sums it up quite clearly. Taking samples ad infinitum from Disastrato's work,
Room makes rhythms out of these, but never takes the song anywhere, which might be hard also seeing the length of almost thirteen minutes. The Disastrato track 'Desirez Rien (After A Rice Kick)' is much more interesting. About half the length, this moves from a heavy percussive intro towards the introspective and doomy sobbing of
somebody. Quite an intense piece there.
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