The Fall of My Church | Henry Leo Duclos
 Cat: AB010 
 Time: January 06
 Media: Digital Download

 Info: Henry Leo Duclos conjures a dark blend of 
 emotional tension combined with crooked mathematics.

 Artist website:

 01. and then i saw (MP3 Preview)
 02. shhhh, cover my eyes
 03. how long was i sleeping? (MP3 Preview)
 04. for the love of god
 05. this is most unfortunate, fate (MP3 Preview)
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PRESS RELEASE | The Fall of My Church
 Henry works through bringing a collage of sounds 
 together rather than sequencing them. The result is an
 organic outpouring of detours and fragmented details
 and a drifting sense of loss as form and context mutate 
 and recreate anew. It is a challenging sound and Henry 
 is the first to admit that some people don't "get it".

 Henry describes this work as follows, "Dark emotional 
 tension combined with crooked mathematics. A blend 
 of the frustration that comes from regret and humiliation. 
 The guilt, a deep sorrow and almost desperate attempt 
 to explain myself. A need to be complete. A need not 
REVIEWS | The Fall of My Church

 A statement accompanying Henry Leo Duclos's The Fall of My Church, that he “works through bringing a 
 collage of sounds together rather than sequencing them,” underacknowledges the degree of form and
 structure that discernibly emerges during the disc's twenty-five minutes of “crooked mathematics.” Yes, 
 the five pieces do unfold according to an obtuse logic yet their unfolding is hardly ungoverned or arbitrary. 
 Beats skitter, distant voices surface, and noises flutter throughout “and then i saw” while the machines in 
 “shhhh, cover my eyes” come slowly to life in a glitchy manner that suggests Autechre at its most explorative; 
 Duclos's sound likewise suggests kinship with Spezial Material's Solarium when squelchy breaks violently 
 pierce dense masses of textured noise in “how long was i sleeping?” and “this is most unfortunate, fate.” 
 The mood throughout The Fall of My Church is often dark, spacious, and fragmented with the material's 
 mutating drift elastically toying with resolution without ever quite surrendering to it.

 The more I listen to the five pieces of Henry Leo Duclos, the less I understand what it is about. On a label 
 such as Audiobulb Records one would expect something that has to do with ambient and rhythm (in that 
 order) that was once filled under ambient house. And certainly, Duclos plays something with rhythm and 
 ambient (in that order), but he doesn't like to play a very sequenced beat or some-such, but rather makes 
 a collage of these elements, without caring too much if they belong to each-other very well. A bit of an 
 uneasy marriage, as you can imagine. The rhythms are forcefully present, but don't seem to run in a very 
 smooth way, a bit abrasive and certainly not really a danceable thing. The music didn't grab me that much 
 either, so I am left behind with rather mixed feelings.
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