A Study In Multiband Granular Synthesis | Effacer
 Cat: AB014 
 Time: March 07
 Media: Digital Download

 Info: Beautiful disintegrated ambience using a palette 
 of textured microsound and sonic sculpture.

 Artist website: http://www.effacer.net/
 01. want of breath
 02. a study in multiband granular synthesis
 03. metastasis
 04. murmur      
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 Who are you?
 John McCaig (the camel hump is everything).

 Why do you write music?
 For the same reason i breathe.

 How would you describe your music?
 Deeply personal

 What does this EP mean to you?
 This album was made during during the time my best 
 friends dad was battling cancer. He was heavily on 
 my mind, and the titles and music reflect that.  
 He died before i finished. 

 Can you elaborate on some of your creative 
 I start by making sounds. having jams, making noises. 
 Recording everything. This is a long process, usually 
 a year or two. Then, after thinking very hard and very
 deeply after not making any sort of sounds/music for 
 a while; I start to compose. I have a goal in mind when I 
 begin. I start diving into my old recordings, trying to find 
 a solution to my problem. Along the way, the music gets
 changed by how these recordings are interacting with 
 each other. This composition phase usually only takes 
 me a few months to get a large collection of music. Its 
 the gestation period of the earlier recordings that takes 
 a long time.

 What are your future plans?
 Making music as effacer is very emotionally 
 exhausting. It is music from a part of me that has 
 now changed, and is no longer valid. I plan to end the
 effacer project with one final release.

REVIEWS | A Study In Multiband Granular Synthesis

 Appropriately signed to the UK's experimental label Audiobulb, Seattle's Effacer turns the art of sound 
 into a true exploration on his EP A Study in Multi Band Granular Synthesis, an album that examines the 
 unpredictable tendencies of abstract noise and subtle nuances of live field recording.
 Effacer is the project of John McCaig (aka JDG) a composer from Seattle - USA. John's work demonstrates 
 a keen appreciation of sound as an entity that inhabits space and shapes the experience of that space. His 
 compositions integrate ideas and techniques from ambient and minimal-abstract genres whilst connecting 
 with real world contexts through the use of field recordings. 

 Rob Tyler is a graphic designer & filmmaker living and working in Portland Oregon. Working in both 
 documentary and experimental mediums, his films and videos have been described as both visually stunning 
 and atmospherically beautiful.

 Audiobulb Is an exploratory music label designed to support the work of innovative artists. 

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