The Hole Punch Generation | Conversations

 Cat: AB033
 Time: November 2010
 Media: CD Single & Digital Download

 Info:  The Hole Punch Generation have been together 
 for five years having formed in Boston, USA. The Hole 
 Punch Generation meticulously craft emotional words 
 set to music. Conversations is the first single to be
 taken from the self titled The Hole Punch Generation 
 album due out on Audiobulb Records in spring 2011. 

 "All these one-way conversations.
  Blaming you.
  Blaming you for leaving.
  You don't wanna know."

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 01. Conversations
 02. Conversations (Making The Noise Remix)
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REVIEWS | Conversations

 With two mixes of definite contrast, The Hole Punch Generation‘s Conversations can seem somewhat confused.

 Commencing with a very pretty direction, the beat tends to overtake things somewhat. It’s faster than a 
 rollercoaster; taking a very individual path of its own choosing, and not only that, it can be destructive. There’s 
 an unusual smooth vocal that’s explicit in its hint to a female side, but disappointingly, the drums tend to sit 
 independently in the background rather than appearing moulded around that wonderful atmosphere created by
 the gentle vocals and a nice flow of melody.

 The remix is perhaps more old school, and is instantly a more immediate listen with constant challenges, twists
 and sounds that add wonderful contrast alongside each other; more metallic with some effect applied to the 
 vocal track making it hugely experimental and abstract. Plenty of texture paste here, interwoven well, making
 it a responsive, forward thinking ride.
 Audiobulb Is an exploratory music label designed to support the work of innovative artists. 

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