Causeyoufair | There I Lay & Time Imperfections

 Cat: AB041
 Time: Oct 2012
 Media: Digital Download

 Info: Causeyoufair has composed an album of breath-
 taking beauty, delicacy and grace. His focus on space,
 reverberation tales and the emotional resonance that 
 occurs between and across each musical notation is 
 exquisite. The music encourages the listener to become 
 immersed accessing dreams, hidden memories and 
 nostalgia. The quality of this work surely sits right up 
 there alongside William Basinski and Stars of The Lid.

Note: There are currently two different image/covers 
out for this release.

 Artist site:

 PDF Press Release: Download

 01. It's All Because of You
02. There I Lay and Time Imperfections
03. A Flame That Through Peace
04. For I World Is Now of Good-Byes
05. I Am No Longer Soul
06. I Have Laughter in My Seasons
07. Of Moment Side
08. You Polished Waiting in Old
09. Then, Up and Shore
10. The Beautiful Colors Creatures of the Sea
11. The Tides Have Yet Dwell
12. What Is Love but a Ceaseless Flow
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