Neuro... No Neuro

Neuro... No Neuro (NNN) is a moniker of the electronic musician Kirk Markarian, an abstract music producer/synthesist, painter, and graphic designer residing in the arid desert of Tucson, Arizona. He also does a lot of yard work.

Let's Be Happy

Hot on the tail of Neuro... No Neuro’s full-on ambient onset - “A Particular Timeline” - “Let’s Be Happy” provides a mélange of arrangement techniques. Rhythmic, yet less percussive. Melodic, with broken pieces everywhere. Ambient without the long-form structure. Lowercase without the minimalism.

Using the practical frameworks of “Scans”, the tracks take on the length of a pop-music track, but are full audio sculptures of a moment in time. Not fragments, but concise, complete builds. While completely without traditional percussive elements, “Let’s Be Happy” is abundant with rhythmic aberrations. Pulling from the looping elements of modern music, then breaking the traditional loop traditions. Beautiful melodies, gentle stop/starts, chattering, and positive harmonics are the specialty of the day.

As before, these pieces are about prior and current neurological experiences. Epileptic auras, memory loss and its point of departure, visualizations, behaviors, and emotional content. This is a method of recall.

Cat: AB099

Release date: July 2020


Let's Be Happy Artboard



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