Causeyoufair is Yigit Demirel who lives in Istanbul Turkey. He has been making music since he was a little child back in 80s playing Turkish drum called Darbouka in his hometown Ordu in Turkey. Before he started composing electronic music, he attended Berklee College Of Music in Boston MA, USA and he studied Jazz Composition in the 90s. He was playing Alto Saxophone at that time.

At the beginning of the late 90s when the computers were getting better, he bought himself a PC and started making experimental electronica music. His work captures emotions of longing, loss and timeless love. Causeyoufair has released one EP with Audiobulb as well as the critically acclaimed album ‘There I Lay And Time Imperfections’ that has graced worldwide sleep and calm playlists.

L'Sonnet - Vol. I and Vol. II

Causeyoufair has composed two albums of breathtaking beauty, delicacy and grace. The work allows themes to emerge and be explored across 33 tracks and volumes. There is a focus on space, reverberation tales and the emotional resonance stimulated by his refined sound pallet. L’Sonnet Vol. I & Vol. II encourages the listener to become truly immersed - accessin g dreams, desires, love and loss.

This work sits alongside artists such as William Basinski and Stars of The Lid.

• Produced by Causeyoufair
• Mastered by Volume-Objects
• Artwork by Ewa Doroszenko

Cat: AB103

Release date: December 2020



  1. Music Won't Save You

    While environmental productions are now increasingly oriented towards combining different sounds and, above all, mostly accompanied by conceptual superstructures, Yigit Demirel goes against the trend for his new, impressive work under the alias Causeyoufair.

    The Turkish artist, active since the nineties in various fields but with a rather sparse discography, in fact present in the two volumes of "L’Sonnet" a "pure" environmental symphony, which develops in thirty-three tracks and three hours in total duration. It is certainly not a work to be listened to in a hurry, although it may be difficult to enjoy it in a single solution; however, his gradual development seems destined for this, made up of silent modulations, slight reverberations and minute variations of frequencies, which in particular in the second part unfold in “orchestral” harmonies with marked romantic contents.

    Although it is all too easy to establish connections with the sinuous ambience originating from the arches of the Stars Of The Lid, even for duration and immersive sensations, "L'Sonnet" strikes and fascinates precisely for its extension and for the delicacy with which Demirel manages to brush lulling soundscapes with pleasantly blurred outlines. Its enchanted suspensions and its prolonged atmospheric signals then lend themselves perfectly to welcoming parentheses of authentic emotional abstraction, in a winter and inner stillness in which to take refuge, losing oneself gently. The journey is long, but it deserves to be undertaken.

  2. The Letter

    Glorious and orchestral Ambient music for floating and contemplation. Causeyoufair is Turkish musician Yigit Demirel and L’Sonnet is an expansive 33-track double album of deeply Ambient music, with sounds of piano, orchestra orchestration and reverberant synths, that lifts the soul and soothes.

  3. Rockerilla

    More than ten years later the acclaimed There I Lay And Time Imperfections producer Yigit Demirel, aka Causeyoufair, returns to the world stage with a dazzlingly beautiful double album, L’Sonnet - Vol. I and Vol. II. In the lineup thirty-three pieces built with a few notes reverberated by an irrepressible melancholy. A Mirage Impossible seems to feed on the impalpable magic of Harold Budd's masterpieces. The following A Heart's Dream wouldn't appear on a Stars Of The Lid record. Again You shows Demirel's heartbreaking obsession in all its sombre glory. ETHEREAL. Roberto Mandolini.

  4. Igloo Mag

    A double album of some delicacy from Istanbul’s Yigit Demirel aka Causeyoufair, sighted in ER #11 with his previous In Blue On A Vaporous Sky (note also There I Lay & Time Imperfections). L’Sonnet Vol. I & Vol. II allows thematic exploration across 30+ tracks with a focus on space, reverberation and the resonance invoked by a fine-grained sonic palette; immersive textures bespeak dreams and desires, love and loss.

  5. Tone Poet

    This release is beyond stunning. There is so much great music and suc stellar production. Definitely a release with so much emotional gravity and beautiful soundscapes. Every tapestry is laced with the perfect balance and blend of minimal yet cohesive color; nothing sounds hectic, nothing sounds barren. Perfect atmospheric listening both in foreground and background. 10/10 Favorite track: Forever Away.