L-Scope ableton live

L-Scope is a real-time audio visualizer that works within M4L and acts like an oscilloscope in XY mode and reacts with any given audio input signal.

L-Scope comes as part of the Lissajous M4L & Standalone Bundle and can be purchased HERE.

In this release the user can interact with the following parameters:

[Zoom] to control the zoom in and out of the rendering. Change the [Framesize] to draw from 10 to 3072 points in time of the audio functions.

Other interesting and useful video controls are the [Shadow Trail], which controls the trail of the previous frame, the [Line Width] which controls the size of the lines and the [Drawing Style] which sets the style of the drawings (Points, Lines, Line Strip, Triangles).

[Rec|Stop] to start or stop a new recording. It’s possible to choose between different codecs (animation, raw, jpeg, bmp, mjpega, mjpegb, gif, video, graphics, dvpal, flc, png, tiff, mpeg4, targa) and quality methods (max, high, normal, lossless, min, low)

Operating System: PC Windows or Mac computer (not iPad or iphone).

You can download a PDF containing further information and technical instructions here.

AB-L-Scope | October 2016



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